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Sweet Anarchy

Sweet Anarchy is a 1.16.5 SMP server started in September 2020 and located in the U.K. The players here are just like those on any other SMP except everyone will betray you and blow up your stuff. But because it's a small community people still come together for projects, celebrations, and friendly PVP.

Spawn is the center of player activity: it's crazy fun and maybe getting a little hard to escape from. Especially without hacks -- but it's not impossible to get out of. Come and see the remains of many overlapping and competing player projects, PVP with others, and add something of your own the insanity. There is more to see than just some lava casts.

People who chat and try to fit in usually get accepted by the community fast. You can live as a nomad, town up with other players, join a griefing group and probably get backstabbed or contribute to one of the many highways, spawn and world border projects.

This is not 2B2T. This is not Hypixel.